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Article: The How-to Guide: Styling a Welcoming Guestroom

The How-to Guide: Styling a Welcoming Guestroom - Lidia's

The How-to Guide: Styling a Welcoming Guestroom

It's great to have family & friends come to stay with you, but chances are if you're planning to have guests, you've been thinking about how to make the experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible for everyone. Whether you're working with a grand guest suite or simply making some space in your home for your guests to stay, here are some tips that can apply to any space that will ensure your guests feel comfortable and welcome.  


TIP NO. 01: Give them (Storage) Space 

Your guests will want somewhere to be able to unpack and lay out their personal belongings comfortably. If possible, clear out your dresser drawers to make room for their things - a good option is to pickup a few vacuum bags and deflate the contents of the drawers in the bags and tuck them under the guest bed while you're not using them. If you don't have that option, make sure to leave tabletop space open, such as on top of a dresser, so that they can easily unload their things. 

Baskets, boxes, and trays are also a great way to give your guests somewhere to put their things without making the room look too messy. If you have guests staying for a longer period of time, you could also put out a lidded basket to let guests know they can store their worn clothes there ahead of washing. 


TIP NO. 02: Make it Cozy

Make your guests excited to get into bed by laying out lots of cozy items like blankets and pillows. This not only makes the room more inviting and comfortable, it also gives your guest more autonomy to cater to their own preferences. Everyone keeps their home at a different temperature, and providing extra textiles means that your guests won't need to ask you for extra blankets if they are cold. You can always keep extra items in the closet, or alternatively, create a layered look on the bed with a fluffy duvet, end-of-bed quilts, an extra throw blanket, and a variety of pillows. 


TIP NO. 03: Add Some Life

Bring some life into your space by adding some fresh flowers or greenery. This will feel intentional, and your guests will notice the thoughtful touch. Pick up a few flowers to add to a a side table or on a dresser and bring a pop of season colour to the space.  


TIP NO. 04: Extra Seating

If possible, add some extra seating. This could come as a bench at the foot of the bed, or even a chair you pulled from another room in your home. Give your guests the option of a different place to sit to put on a pair of shoes, take a private phone call, or just have somewhere to throw some clothes they were planning to wear later. 


TIP NO. 05: Add a Mirror

Add a mirror to your the space, trust us. If you can fit a full-length mirror, even better. Let your guests see their outfit in the peace of their own space before heading out the door. This is especially important if you only have one bathroom, and your guests need a space to get ready or apply makeup. Bonus: mirrors give the illusion of more space and light, so its a win-win. 


TIP NO. 06: Light it Up

Give your guests a variety of light sources, and an option for bright light if needed. This tip is an especially important accompaniment if your guests will be using the mirror in the guest room to get ready, as they will need proper lighting to do things like apply their makeup. Also having cozy dim lighting will make the space feel warm and comfortable when its time for them to chill out in the space. 


TIP NO. 06: The Details 

It's all in the details, so take the time to add some thoughtful extras to your space. Look around your own space and think about what details help you to feel comfortable, and replicate that for your guests. Perhaps a carafe of water & glasses at their bedside, a candle (with matches), or a dish in their nightstand drawer to put their jewelry. You can also provide them with some common toiletries that people often forget to bring, such as cotton swabs, toothpaste, or even a hair dryer. Depending on the length of their stay, having items such as a steamer or iron in the closet may also be something you choose to include. 


Happy styling,
Lidia & Co. 



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